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My Name's Mr Bouroubey Mohamed and i go your offers of todo of they best affairs in multi caractar of choice from they Conceptions & Innovation from they ideas of nothers Conceptorrors & innovatorrors in technologies actual at nothers job is in first of your saying of they technologie who go your interessed to be shop or sales .

Yes ! we aren't of they ideayies of conceptorries of medium who go your simplified the life ahahah come a little exemple for your todo discover the still of certainly gadjet :

imagines your certainly morning your are the bad gestion of your request what times is he ? what day isn't we ? what times he your rest for go work and what doc your are to examined today , what your recall to subject come , the times who rest to your insurance car's the present day and it your are to pay your credit  the present day, it your are pay your the insurance to the home the present day, what financial ammount  he your rest to the bank or your comment prudence today ...  or others connecting from one apllication instal to your smartphone ! it simplified the life ? yes ? by by what medium your recall here directiv ? grace to THE LIVE SYSTEM exemple your up of your bed your pressed the button to proximity instal to your bed and the system go your comment the hours , the day that we isn't  ! 


Then that say of your facility the life then directing your to TECH-PAGE for decouvert of they others technologies actual who research of they investors and egally of they company for they construct at nothers technologies from nothers right of reserv marketing here product isn't in certainly therms nothers proprieting !

Mr Bouroubey Mohamed