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My name's Mr Bouroubey Mohamed and i're gains in 1997 A regional and national competition  in France in FRENCH LANGUAGES to from my subjects who my be communics the O2 (oxygène) material of the sectorial medical coming Agent of Emergency relief who is  a Dîplôme of States of the French Republic 


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The Hight Cour Of Justice Internationale Of " La Haye"

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In first inspired of they medicals composite actuals from they products generics medicals the possibility of power creating of they materials activs coming they next products in Biologically degradable :

The Textille like Cotton & synthetics & others, the biological diesel, the city gas, and yet others like you are not going to believe me the most expensive vaccines in the worlds and other vaccines , ...

then for your say today that the world to to change of strategics in exemple nothers chief of government we say of favorised they consommation to renow energetics  then that egually

the electrics energetics go from nothers searchs power existates from generics medicals methods power creating of the energetics material at today he we isn't possible of creating of they Solar panels and photovoltaic since in generic design to be able to cost less expensive to its manufacture industrial .

Then the wrold are the power of change her situations at egually :

today they Automotive and other batteries pollute our environments in some countries so today they can come to exist in conditions of being biologically partly degradable .

Then directing your to the page

TECH-PAGE for are the power to look certainly ideas in technologics domains .